The Chinese Management Scholars Community (CMSC) is an informal, open-platform community that offers career-related services to Chinese (or Chinese-speaking) management scholars. Our community represents a grass-roots, voluntary effort initiated by individuals who are bonded by common interests and values. We are guided by our mission, to pass the baton (傳承), and our core values derive from the “middle” or “zhong” (中) philosophy: integrity, harmony, balance, integration, dynamics, and independence. Founded in 2006 by Ming-Jer Chen (http://www.mingjerchen.com) as a small “workshop” for Chinese scholars in strategic management dedicated to the development of well-balanced business academics, the group is now composed of 500-some members. Our current focus is on serving scholars in the management area, and we offer the following member-centered programs: 1) CMSC-Workshop; 2) CMSC-Reunion; 3) CMSC-RF (Research Forum); 4) CMSC-TF (Teaching Forum); 5) CMSC-Camp (Mentors’ Camp).



Ming-Jer Chen, the Leslie E. Grayson Professor at The Darden School, is a leading authority in strategic management. He is recognized for his pioneering work in competitive dynamics and ambicultural management. Ming-Jer is former President (2012-2013) and a Fellow of the Academy of Management, a Fellow of the Strategic Management Society, and former chair of the Academy’s Business Policy and Strategy Division. He has received numerous awards, including the Academy of Management’s Career Award for Distinguished Educator (2014) and the Academy of Management Review Best Paper Award (1996), and has served on the editorial boards of several leading scholarly journals. Prior to joining the faculty at Darden, Ming-Jer founded Wharton’s Global Chinese Business Initiative and served on the faculty at Columbia.

Advisory Committee: 

Dr. Hao-Chieh Lin (linhjtw@yahoo.com.tw)

Department of Business Management

Sun Yat-sen University in Taiwan

Dr. Jiangyong Lu (lujiangyong@gsm.pku.edu.cn)

Guanghua School of Management 

Peking University

Dr. Brian Wu (wux@umich.edu)

Ross School of Business

University of Michigan

Dr. Haibin Yang (haibin@cityu.edu.hk)

College of Business

City University of Hong Kong

Dr. Tieying Yu (tieying.yu@bc.edu)

Management and Organization Department

Boston College

Management Committee: 

Dr. Guoli Chen (guoli.chen@insead.edu)



Dr. David Zhu (david.zhu@asu.edu)

W. P. Carey School of Business

Arizona State University

Dr. Yu Zhang (yu.zhang@ceibs.edu)



Operation Committee: 


Dr. Xiumei Li (xiumei.li@umanitoba.ca)

Asper School of Business

University of Manitoba

Dr. Wan-Chien Lien (shingday@gmail.com)

Department of International Business

Feng Chia University