2020 Chinese Management Scholars Community (CMSC) Online Activities

Dear Friends,


We hope this message finds you in good health and spirit. We have moved all CMSC activities online this year, and would like to give you an update on these exciting programs. 


First, Yu Zhang at CEIBS (yu.zhang@ceibs.edu) will organize a series of webinars on Zoom. The first webinar will be held on Tuesday, July 21 from 9:00-11:00 pm EST. We are very excited that Professor Haiyang Li at Rice University will be our speaker. He will share his insights on “Managing the R&R Process and Increase Your Chance.” If interested, please register at the link provided at the end of this announcement. 


Second, an online doctoral consortium will be held on Monday, August 3 from 8:00-11:00 pm EST on Zoom. Brian Wu at the University of Michigan (wux@umich.edu), Guoli Chen at INSEAD (guoli.chen@insead.edu), Jianhong Chen at the University of New Hampshire (jianhong.chen@unh.edu), Lingling Pan at the University of Pittsburgh (lpan@katz.pitt.edu), and Xiumei Li at the University of Manitoba (xiumei.li@umanitoba.ca) are co-organizers of this consortium. This program aims to offer support for Chinese students who are pursing doctoral degrees in management in North America. Many doctoral students have signed up to participate in this consortium and confirmed faculty panelists include Zhuo Chen (American U), Yong Li (U of Nevada), Jiangyong Lu (Peking U), Jue Wang (Pennsylvania State U), Haibin Yang (City U of Hongkong), Tieying Yu (Boston College), Yu Zhang (CEIBS), Yuchen Zhang (Tulane U), and David Zhu (Arizona State U). 


Third, we will offer two “Passing the Torch” activities that provide opportunities to interact with senior members of CMSC. First, Professor Ming-Jer Chen and other mentorship-minded senior scholars will engage young scholars in an informal conversation on Zoom on Wednesday, August 5 from 8:00-10:00 pm EST. In this conversation, conducted mainly in Chinese, we hope to inspire young scholars and reinforce the “passing the torch” ideal. The gathering is also designed to provide a friendly, supportive environment so all attendees can openly and honestly exchange ideas and experiences. Participants will engage in a constructive dialogue, working together to find ways to address the professional and personal challenges they face in their careers. We will also explore opportunities for professional development through creative East-West ambicultural integration. If interested, please register at the link provided at the end of this announcement. Second, senior members of CMSC will provide individual counseling to junior faculty. Both activities are co-organized by Yu Zhang at CEIBS (yu.zhang@ceibs.edu) and Jianhong Chen at the University of New Hampshire (jianhong.chen@unh.edu). Information about the format and procedure of the individual counseling for junior scholars will be sent out in a separate announcement later.


Fourth, we will offer the Mentors’ Camp on Zoom on Tuesday, August 4 from 8:00-11:00 pm EST. Jing Li at Simon Fraser University (jingli@sfu.ca) and Yong Li at the University of Nevada (yong.li@unlv.edu) will be in charge of the event. Some early-year participants have reached new stages of their careers and are facing challenges and opportunities of East-West and/or ambicultural integration in their careers, particularly in light of the rapid rise of China. More important, to fully carry on the 傳承 or 薪(心)傳 ideal, it’s time for us to “train the trainers.”  With these two considerations in mind, we will offer the Mentors’ Camp, for members with a strong interest in and devotion to the CMSC mission and the broad Chinese and/or academic communities. Participation in this event is by invitation only.


We will not offer the Open Reunion on Saturday night or the Research Forum on Tuesday night this year.


Guoli Chen at INSEAD, David Zhu at Arizona State University, and Yu Zhang at CEIBS are members of this year’s management committee. Please contact this year’s overall coordinator, David Zhu (david.zhu@asu.edu), if you have any questions about this year’s CMSC activities.


IMPORTANT: If interested in participating, please register here by July 20 for the webinar on July 21 and by August 1 for the passing the torch event on August 5. Please note that space is limited. Priority will be given to those who register early. For all logistical questions, please email cmsc@mingjerchen.com.

*The program will be conducted in Chinese.  



Best wishes,


The 2020 CMSC Management Team

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